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Have your teeth become discolored? This is no reason to worry, because if teeth have lost their original pearly white color, our teeth whitening treatment will restore your teeth to their bright shine.

fläsh. Bleachingsystem

There are countless systems that whiten teeth and we use one of the best: fläsh. This system is characterised by speed, convenience, safety and effectiveness - exactly what you would expect from a good tooth whitening service. 

fläsh is a light-activated high-tech bleaching system. It is the latest development from WHITEsmile with over 25 years' experience in professional teeth whitening.

fläsh delivers fantastic results after a single treatment of just 60 minutes and is safe for both teeth and gums.


Internal bleaching

Conventional teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your smile. But it does not work with blackening and discolouration caused by trauma or by defects in the structure of the tooth. Such discolourations require a deeper type of whitening that works directly inside the tooth.

Internal whitening, an advanced bleaching process that penetrates deep beneath the enamel, reverses trauma stains and restores teeth to their natural shade.


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