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When teeth become loose and gaps appear, we can suffer from reduced self-confidence, trouble eating and no longer feel able to cope with everyday life. Getting things right seems like an insurmountable task. That's why dental implants are one of our most life-changing treatments.

Why we do love implants:

We see implants as more than just dental treatment. The mere fact that it is once again possible to enjoy food without restrictions and get a confident smile back increases the quality of life enormously.


For us dental implants are more than just a dental treatment. The mere fact that it is again possible to enjoy food without worry and to get a self-confident smile back increases quality of life enormously.


For denture wearers, implants mean the end of the daily struggle with adhesive creams or the fear that the denture will suddenly come loose during the day. In addition, implants have health promoting properties. Since they fuse with the jawbone, they prevent the deterioration and loss of bone density and thus contribute to long-term dental health.


Prostheses held by implants

Prostheses held in place by implants represent a huge improvement over traditional prostheses.

Because they are attached to titanium or metal-free ceramic implants that sit firmly in the jawbone, the prosthesis stays securely in place until you take it out again. This means that the use of adhesive cream and all the associated inconveniences and uncertainties are a thing of the past.

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