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Oral surgery is a very broad field as there are many different treatments that require surgical intervention. But what exactly does oral surgery involve?

What does oral surgery involve?

• Extraction of infected or severely damaged teeth
• Removal of wisdom teeth
• Treatment of bone cysts
• Placement of implants
• Bone augmentation and grafts
• Sinus lift surgeries
• Soft tissue surgery for abnormal nodules and cysts
• Treatment of tongue and lip frenulum



The most common type of oral surgery treatment is tooth extraction. There are many reasons why a tooth needs to be removed. Whether it's because the tooth is severely damaged by decay or because it has grown in a way that affects the rest of your oral health, as wisdom teeth often do. Extractions can be either simple or surgical. In a simple extraction, the tooth is loosened with dental forceps and removed from the socket. Surgical extraction is more complex and is necessary if the tooth has to be removed in sections or has already broken off. In all cases, we make sure that you are completely comfortable during the treatment and use local anesthesia for all of our oral surgery treatments. It is also possible to have the treatment carried out with the support of laughing gas.

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Because the treatment involves placing an implant in the jawbone, a surgeon with a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy is the best choice. Dr. Koulocheris is qualified and experienced in both placement and care of implants.
We also offer treatments that can restore lost bone density when the jaw is too degraded to support an implant alone.


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